A Full-Stack Engineering Services Company

Unlocking the value of the next digital revolution

Digital transformation is the driving force behind everything we do.


With cloud we free you from the shackles of infrastructure.


From engineering to data science, we help you take full advantage of the revolution in data and data technology.


We construct CI/CD pipelines that yields predictable high-quality product updates each sprint.


The same people that engineer your products are responsible for operations.


DataOps platform for all your data, analytics, Aplications, and AI.

A combination of end-to-end DataOps, compute, data lake, and big data workflows to unify data and eliminate silos. Available as SaaS and cloud-native from the start to accelerate data engineering, preparation, analyses, and application development.

Composable commerce

Compose your own commerce cloud with one central solution for the design, deployment, and management of your commerce applications.

document processing

Bring your documents into a landing-zone and manage all document data cycles – from data extraction, collection, classification to consumption.

Geospatial processing

Leverage Apache Spark as a your geo analytics engine. Built a data lake and bring meaning, patterns, and insights directly into dashboards.

End-to-end DataOps

Power your digital transformation with continuous data. Build, run, monitor, and manage your big data workflows from a single log-in.

Benefit from important productivity gains by leveraging pre-built applications, components, connectors, rules, best practices, and libraries.


Designed for wall-to-wall automation and integration.

Built to

Keep up with your users’ expectations.

Route to

Leverage one platform for all business models.


Power your ever-changing requirements.


Unify your data and AI cases on a single platform.


Built on open source and open standards.


A single data processing and analytics platform across clouds.

Partner with us.

Full stack is the core principle of our engineering and Ops culture. It’s a never-ending quest for a complete understanding of strategy, technology, and methodology.

We design and build systems that have demanding requirements for volume, performance, security, and resilience, and we operate in highly regulated environments, challenges for which full stack engineering is ideally suited. 

Who we are

We are a tech company.

We are full stack engineers, cloud architects, data scientists, and we’re all passionate about working together towards digital transformation.

Founded in 2017, there are now more than 18 of us, working from Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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