Almost every organization is challenging with data from different siloed applications and databases. But today's data lakes, data marts, iPaaS, ETL, and event mesh processes are far from real-life scenarios as they track when an event happens and not why a state is changed in time. As a result, businesses aren't able to truly understand their data. 

Our platform supports real-life scenarios by helping you understand how states are changed in time and to expose application functionality and data in an easily consumable way.

REAL-TIME legacy system data integration

Stream real-time data from legacy systems into next-gen cloud and data platforms. Build, share, run, and monetize intelligent, independent, mission-critical applications and connections. Multi-tenancy, low-code, connections, processing, event-driven and data understanding are key features and can be realized in real-time.

  • Event broker
  • Event taxanomy
  • Event mesh
  • Digital integration hub
  • API Gateway
  • API Manager
  • API Development

  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Micro Services
  • Mini Services
  • Event API
  • Open API
  • Async API
  • API Publishing
  • API (Data) Integration

  • Data Flow Automation
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • (Streaming) Analytics
  • Portals and Apps
  • Low-code Development
  • Market Place
  • Service Provisioning
  • Identity Management

2 week free trial

Skip complex pricing models based on endpoints, data flows, messages, bandwidth, or users. We charge the node. You know exactly how much you’ll be charged and why.

Start with a 2 week free trial to find our platform is right for you.

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We have a full bank of pre-built solutions. From GDPR compliance to IoT and Industry 4.0 integration and analytics. Contact us for more information.


Qualify and convert documents into meaningful datasets and feed your workflows.

  • Digitize mailing room
  • Digitize document records
  • Invoice processing
  • Customer onboarding


True B2B integration for any punch out enabled vendor all the way to the ERP.

  • Streamline shopping experience
  • Streamline purchasing process
  • Contract- and customer-specific pricing
  • Optimize production scheduling


Enable location-based data with demographics, analytics, end-points, and actionable apps.

  • Improve city living
  • Proximity marketing
  • Customer understanding
  • Traffic operations centre


ONE-STOP-SHOP for partners

We help our partners become service providers by offering an one-stop-shop for quickly re-use, build, launch and profitably deliver recurring data related services to their customers and channels.


We help our customers deliver real-time connections, applications, and understanding to production more quickly, more flexibly and more securely. We support all activities that help automate data pipelines, data understanding, data-driven applications, and speed cycle times.

We are cloud and data engineers. Our roots connect to Kubernetes, micro services, Big and Fast Data platforms, analytics, infrastructure as code, DataOps, CloudOps, Data Engineering, Data Science, cloud migrations, cloud architecture, CI/CD, security, AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle, Angular, Spark, ELK, HDFS, Scala, C#, Cloudera, Databricks, Snowflakes, Redis, Kafka, Jenkins, and more.


Founded in 2017 and based in Eindhoven (NL), we offer a perfect blend of platform and services to help our partners and customers monetize their data by turning it into a product. They benefit from a reliable platform that enables real-time actions based on data understanding, and reduces the complexity and costs. Moreover, our platform automates governance, policy controls, and operations.
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